If you are creating an outstanding product for you or your client; working with a skilled, experienced, professional talent who has firsthand creative knowledge of your industry is KEY to your success.

You want to work with someone you can trust to deliver an exceptional performance every single time. Someone who understands the importance of deadlines, superior client relationships, and makes your satisfaction their highest priority - all with a smile.

No matter what your project requires - whether it be a friendly e-learning coach, a character, or voice to sell your wares, Mike McGonegal can help you to...

stand out from the crowd.

“ … Mike is a silver tongued devil whose voice work lent clarity, character and life to a detailed and technical video on printing in the healthcare space. He was easy to work with and immediately understood the tone and cadence needed to bring the project to life …”

Steph Johnson
Head of North America
Aspectus PR



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